Does offer free shipping service to any product?

Free shipping to worldwide offers free shipping service to worldwide for all shipments via Airmail. Only when the order amount is over 75$, we can freely offer the tracking number. shipment is internationally delivered from free port Hong Kong. The delivery time is determined by the delivery method, destination, and the custom clearance time and so on. Generally, delivers the goods via Free Airmail or Registered Airmail. If you need other expresses like EMS, DHL, UPS, FedEx to deliver the package, please contact us.

How can I check out my order status?

Register airmail (Hong Kong):

(Here you can track your cargo via the post websites for over 90 countries: Click the country at the bottom of the homepage and you can also track the cargo status when it arrives in your destination country)

Register airmail (China):


Notes: Shopbyjohn does not offer tracking No. for order below $ 75 unless you pay the additional 3.39$ registered Cost.

What is Airmail ?

There are two kinds of airmail. One is Hong Kong Airmail, the other is China mainland airmail (herein referred as China airmail). Airmail stretches to nearly every corner of the world and has been broadly used in international shipping.


What's the difference between Hong Kong airmail and China airmail?

The difference can be classified as the chart below


China Airmail CS Hong Kong Airmail


China Airmail

Hong Kong Airmail


The same

Tracking No. (ends at)



Tracking Web

Tracking Update Time

2-3 days

3-4 days

Tracking Boundary

China==>Destination Country

China==>Hong Kong

Delivery Time

China airmail is 1-2 business days less than Hong Kong airmail

Can I get the tracking number freely for any order? only freely offers tracking number for order over $ 75. We don’t offer tracking number for order below $ 75 unless you add 3.39$ cost of registered Airmail.

What will affect the delivery time?

The delivery time includes processing time and shipping time. Generally, the package can arrive in destination on time. Processing time means the time Shopbyjohn handles the order internally. Delivery time is determined by the destination where the order is shipped to, which is the main element that affects delivery time. Moreover, the custom policy of destination country also influences the delivery time.

Instruction of shipping method

Airmail and registered Airmail:
Generally, Shopbyjohn ships goods via registered Airmail.
If your order amount is less than 75$, the tracking number can’t be freely offered unless you add 3.39$ registered cost. If the order Amount is over 75$, Shopbyjohn will freely offer the tracking Number.

Register airmail (Hong Kong):

(Here you can track your cargo via the post websites for over 90 countries: Click the country at the bottom of the homepage and you can also track the cargo status when it arrives in your destination country)

Register airmail (China):


Currently, if you want to deliver your goods by EMS, you need to pay additional freight cost, which is determined by the volume, weight of products and destination. has an automatic system to calculate the freight cost. Any questions, you can contact us.
EMS website to track the goods:


DHL, TNT UPS, FedEx and other express delivery,
Express delivery needs more freight cost. If you want to deliver your goods via DHL, TNT, UPS, FedEx or other express forwarder, please contact service center. There is no selection item about DHL, UPS, FedEx and other express delivery on at present.

How can get my shipping address?

When you add the product in the shopping cart and prepare to pay for it, you can edit the destination address.

Moreover, we'll get your shipping address when you make payment by Alertpay. Please note Alertpay will be not sharing any of your financial information to us except shipping address and a phone number which you explicitly wish to share with us. If the destination address is abnormal, our customer service representative will double confirm it with you before shipping the package.

What if I do not edit my shipping address before settling the payment?

We’ll treat the Alertpay registration address as your receiving address if you do not edit your address. So, please make sure your receiving address is the same as your Alertpay registration address, otherwise you need to edit it.

How can I know my order has been shipped?

You’ll receive a notification e-mail from us when your order is shipped. Information like shipping items, shipping time, tracking No. and tracking website is included. Also you can chech the status in the Webshop under your account.

My tracking number is not working, what should I do?

Once package has left from, it will take 1-3 business days to process in Hong Kong Post system. Please wait a little more time and try it again later. Any question, please leave message to us by visiting My Account. customer service center will give your feedback within 0-24 hours.

The tracking information from HK post web shows that my order has been shipped to a wrong country, what should I do?

This must be a mistake made by HK post staff during scanning. Any order shipped from is posted with a label of the detailed address. Thus, your order will not be shipped to a wrong destination. You can wait it until the deadline, once it still not be received, please contact us.

The step of processing an order

The step of processing order in
Step 1: Order printed by our system (0-1 business day)
Step 2: Order packaged by our storehouse (1-3 business days)
Step 3: Package carried to Hong Kong Post or Express Center (1 day)
Step 4: Order processed by post to your destination.

*Remark Step2: normally, we have enough products in stock, but occasionally there’s possibility that some items are temporarily out of stock. It will take 1-2 business days to get the goods back in stock.

The instruction of Airmail

Airmail (or air mail) is the mail transported by aircraft. It typically arrives more quickly than normal mail, and usually the cost of airmail is more than normal mail. Anyhow, offers free shipping service if you choose airmail to ship your package. 
Register Airmail means the airmail with a tracking No. 
More about airmail, please visit Wikipedia:

Estimate the delivery time to destination

Considering the complicated international shipping procedures, the estimated delivery time below is just for reference:




Airmail and register airmail



United States, Canada 

6-14 business days

Australia, New Zealand, Singapore

5-11 business days

United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland 

7-15 business days

Italy, Brazil 

10-25 business days

Other countries 

7-15 business days




3-6 business days to worldwide


2-3business days

Where is the order shipped from?

Your order will be shipped by airmail or other types of delivery from Hong Kong, which is a free port


How about the shipping fees?

Airmail is totally free to ship world-widely for any product. The express delivery cost depends on your country, how many items you order and the total weight & volume. The information below is for your reference. Any questions, please contact us.



 Order Amount


Register Airmail

EMS express 



Below $75



Coming soon

Coming soon 

$75 or more



Coming soon

Coming soon 

Limited Weight

Less than 2KG 

Less than 2KG 

No limitation